Blue Suede Loubs


You don't have to be The King to rock these hot kicks! I have been drooling over these shoes for about a week now and am wondering where I sign up to sell an organ to afford them. Rihanna definitely has a reason to perk up because she is wearing these HOT Christian Louboutin Blue Suede Shoes! Unfortunately, the prices I have seen hover at around $400. If you are willing to settle for a knockoff I have seen tons of sites claiming to sell the real thing for around $179. I am not buying it though! Recently I read in a New York Magazine Article that sites are getting busted for making knockoffs. Also, if you go to the official Loub website, there is even a warning about counterfeit sites! The good news is my friend recently showed me these Aldo blue suede peep toe pumps that look VERY similar! They are only $90 and would be PERFECT with an all black outfit! BUT, if you have a spare $400 laying around, if you don't want to toss it my way, I would go with the real deal!

Through Pink Colored Glasses,


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  1. {gasp} Ahhh I love! Not to mention we sorta favor the royal blue color, naturally.

    Thanks for the shoutout, maybe one day we won't have to get the knock offs...which are still 90 bucks (blahh)