Hippie Head Bands

Hello again world. As I am building my content on this blog, I realize it will be slow at first. BUT, my second post, (wish it could be more profound), is about these headbands that I am CRAZY about. I have been seeing Ms. Paris Hilton wearing ones like this lately so I obvi had to follow suit, or follow headband.

Nicole Richie's new line, House of Harlow, has an AMAZING headband that is truly different from anything I have ever seen. Maybe I haven't really seen people wearing these because they are over $400...sigh (praying for a money tree.)

The GOOD news is that I found some awesome handmade headbands on my favorite site, Etsy. The headbands are reasonably priced too! The two I bought were each $14. There is really no limit to what you can find on Etsy, it is truly AWESOME. The store is called Little Shea's and they are made by Karlee. So I know you are dying to see them! The great part is that you can wear them all different ways! (Yes I know I need to get my hair done.)

Through Pink Colored Glasses,


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