Gettin' Blonde and Moroccan

Today I got some desperately needed root retouching. AKA covering up my terrible blah brownish hair and replacing it with beautiful blonde. Yay. Getting your hair done is the best. Hope you enjoy the silly picture of myself. I clearly have no shame. The "I am trying to get digital cable with my head" look is clearly necessary since I only looked cute with light brown hair when I was three. If my hair was still that cute light-brownish-that-gets-blonde-in-the-summer color, not only would I save myself my parents a lot of money, I would be perfectly happy au natural.
Here is why I like getting my hair done. My guess is that many of you feel the same.
1. I like gabbing with anyone and everyone...usually gossiping and discussing various mindless vanity related topics.
2. I love catching up on magazines.
3. It makes me feel pretty.
4. You get to try out new hair products that you wouldn't otherwise try unless your girlfriend used them.
So, today I got to try out the Moroccan Oil shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil. May I say..............LOVES IT!?!? Not only does it have the androgynous scent that I love in hair products, it really makes your hair feel great. The shampoo, conditioner, and oil all smell slightly different but all have the clean scent that I think all hair products should have. I can best describe the scent as vanilla, musk, lavender, and detergent. I know that sounds strange but I swear it smells I-want-to-bathe-in-this amazing.

The products are made with argan oil which is apparently an anti-oxidant, UV protector, and free radical neutralizer (fancy speak for get-ridder-of-bad-stuff).

You can use the oil on any type of hair and it can also be used for different purposes. I plan on using it before I get my hair highlighted (for protection and to help to "enhance shine, elasticity, and depth of color") and before I style my hair while it is still wet.

LOVES IT! Now if only they sold bottles of Moroccan tan skin color....
Speaking of blonde hair and beautiful tan skin, I simply cannot post without mentioning Kim Kardashian's new blonder locks. While I do like her hair darker because she is such an exotic beauty, I think it looks great! Stars always change their hair colors and styles (sometimes for the worse like dear ol' Britney) and it's generally to get press. Well, she succeeded. There is only one reason I do not like this hair color on Kim...if she were to wear red lipstick she would look all kinds of crazy. This hair color works on her because it still blends well with her skin tone and coloring. If it were any blonder I think it would look cheap. I recommend making subtle color changes like this in stages so that you can gauge how you like your new look. Changing your color is a BIG process and should not be taken lightly...after all, as my girl "Samantha" from Sex and the City says.....

"Your hair is the frame for your face!"

Through Pink Colored Glasses,

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  1. Love this post, My sister SWEARS on this Morocan Oil stuff