So Loving it Right Now

Ok it is time for the next installment of So Loving it Right Now. Thankfully, there are a lot of things that I am So Loving and not many that I am So Not Loving! (Always a good indication that things are just peachy!) Since I have started my Fall semester of graduate school I have been SUPER busy! Who knew school could be so much WORK! Ew. Also thankfully I am really learning a lot! That definitely makes me happy because school is no longer free and I would be quite bitter if I were not getting a great education! I have decided to not even include a So Not Loving it Right Now section because I am going to be SUPER positive! Wohoo here is goes...

...........SO LOVING IT RIGHT NOW...........

Solidifying my travel arrangements for London and Ireland for my Study Tour in October

Gator Football in FIVE DAYS
(Our QB in GQ! Can you believe it!? Let's go GATORS! AND Gator Football means I can finally wear these Stephen Bonannos! Yes, they are dirty, they have been through 3 years of Gator Football but they are good luck!)

Capitalizing on humid weather by doing my hair wavy
(At a career seminar day and showing off my cute new J Crew barrette!)

Trips to Jacksonville to visit the BF
(Hibachi grill fire from our dinner trip and shopping at Off Fifth, got that super cute Tart navy romper for 30 bucks!)

Through Pink Colored Glasses,

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  1. Hi, Im a new follower and just love your site! Love your pics!! Hope you have a great week and a safe trip across the pond! = )