Mangoes and Feet

Now I realize that is an interesting name for a blog post, but if you are anything like me, it makes perfect sense. If you are living under a rock (or if you have a Y chromosome) then the title of this post relates to an unusual bachelor on this season's Bachelorette with Jillian Harris, the fun loving quirky Canadian.

In Episode 10, Tanner P, the self-proclaimed "foot fetishist" proclaims that Jillian's feet would be a "10" if she were to paint her toenails "Mango Mango." Now, besides the fact that I spit on myself laughing at this off the wall comment, I was intrigued. I immediately hit the computer and attempted to research this "Mango Mango" shade. If this color is so fab, why have I never heard of it? And if I wanted my feet to be a "10", I simply must have it! Unfortunately, my search yielded no results. Boo.

Since there has been quite a lot of buzz surrounding this elusive "Mango Mango" shade, (my roommate and her sister even scoured NYC for this polish to no avail), blog posts have been popping up exponentially attempting to determine who makes the polish and where one could possibly purchase it. My friend recently sent me this blog on which solves the mystery.

There is no Mango Mango nail polish.

BUT, apparently a shade that is now called "Mango-Get-Em" by Loreal USED to be called "Mango Mango." (Below)

This interesting tidbit of information leads me to the question: HOW did Tanner P know the name of a mysterious discontinued nail polish? (I feel as if I am the only person with this question.) Well, I would assume that Tanner P found this color in his sister's Caboodle when he was six, developed a fetish for feet, and held on to the name, forever holding every woman's toesies up to the color standard of Mango Mango.

I had to put a picture of a Caboodle. I miss these. When looking for a picture I found out that they ACTUALLY still make them. If you are still stuck in the '90s, you'll find them here.

Thanks to Tanner P, every woman who watched this season of The Bachelorette has developed a foot complex and will forever yearn for this discontinued shade. The Glamour article made some suggestions of similar colors that could be similar to "Mango Mango" and I decided to as well. I LOVE nail polish, especially bright, coral/mango colors and happen to own a few of my proposed "Mango Mango" replacements.

Here are some of my favorites. (SIDE NOTE: Yes, I did immediately remove my purple nail polish upon the completion of Episode 10 and immediately paint my toenails a shade of coral. I know. It's bad. But I know you did too.)

Essie "Peach Daiquiri": Slightly darker, but makes you look oh so tan.

Nars "Orgasm": Shimmery mango color and part of a full line of Nars cosmetics in this same color (I wear the blush in this color as well.)

OPI "Cajun Shrimp": My personal fav, a little darker, I am wearing it now!

Chanel "LA Sunset": Pretty! Light and matte, would look great with a white outfit.

A closing thought: Did anyone also catch that Tanner P said he wanted to "tweeze" Jillian's toes? Just a thought but, HOW do you even do that? And the fact that mangoes are really more yellow inside. Confusion.

Through Pink Colored Glasses,


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