Now Maybe I am Being Crazy...


But does anyone else feel like this new Nike ad's catch phrase sound VAGUELY FAMILIAR?!?!?

As I was blogging this morning I came across this Nike ad on my Photobucket account. (I use the service to get the html for my photos!) To my surprise, I SAW THIS! I almost didn't even notice it because I look at my blog name 100 times a day and am used to seeing these words together now. (I am sure some of my fellow bloggers out there feel the same way!)

THE HORROR! I really can not believe Nike totally jacked my idea. Not to mention their ad doesn't even make sense. Sweat is a color? No, PINK is a color!

How does everyone else feel about this? Am I being crazy? While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (as my mother taught me in elementary school,) Nike makes bajillions of dollars per year and the least they could do is throw some my way! I thoroughly researched my blog name before I made it so that I was sure there were no other blogs with similar names. Even though it is just their ad, I feel like someone just MAY have stumbled across my blog and got a little inspiration for an ad campaign.

Nike, I am on to you. I feel betrayed. I always buy your products. And now, you have stolen from me. As compensation I only ask five million dollars. You can deliver it to my house in cash. No hard feelings once the cash is delivered.

Through PINK Colored Glasses,

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  1. I think it's probably a take off on the famous saying "through rose colored glasses". I assumed your blog name was as well.