Sorority Sadness...

My Bid Day 2005

As a now former sorority girl this will now be the time of year when I miss it the most. I was named "Miss KD-Tastic" as a freshman and loved Recruitment every year. I guess I am just wired for that kind of thing. Some people can look down on sororities but I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have met the coolest, nicest, craziest girls, had the best times, and can look back on college and smile. Smile really big.

I am going to miss acting like an idiot. (Me on Bid Day last year)
I am going to miss dressing like an idiot while acting like and idiot. (At a social, the theme was "Goodwill Hunting" aka find treasures at Goodwill...go nuts.)
I am going to miss these idiots. (Bar golfing last year during Senior Week.)

As I am still in graduate school at UF, I drive past all the girls practicing almost daily and I hear about it every day from my two younger roommates who are still in Kappa Delta. I miss it so much! I love all the girl time that the two weeks bring and even though it is the most tiring week of the year, I LOVE meeting new people! Rush week is the best week for girl crushes, plastering a smile on your face till it hurts, and wearing head to toe impeccable outfits when your normal gear very well may be soffee's and frat shirts.

I think I will wear Lilly today. Kinda like in mourning, the death of my sorority life. Like black to a funeral. But awesome.

So, to make myself feel better, I decided that I would find some SRAT-TASTIC (think frat-tastic for my non-greek readers) items on the internet and blog about them.

Cute! Girly and classy. Not overtly Lilly (though I love those too!)

Adorable Boatman Geller Notepad
With a cute Gator of course!
2 for $38.00

Cute and Colorful Necklace
Beautiful craftsmanship! Would be great with a plain colored top!

Gator Lilly Alarm Clock!
I'd love to wake up to this! (If it only matched my room...)

I LOVE COSTAS! Costa Del Mar is an AMAZING and AUTHENTIC company that truly stands behind the products that they sell. You will NOT be disappointed by these glasses! I have these and LOVE them! Their customer service is amazing and they even have a great warranty program. (Us girls can be a little rough on our shades!) If you are ready for an adventure, get out there with some COSTAS! (Worn with croakies OF COURSE!)
Base Price $149.00

Through Pink Colored Glasses,


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  1. I found your blog on 20sb! I am a KD also and I love finding other KD's in the blog world. I, too had to miss out on recuitment & bid day this year! Sad day. Very cute blog :)