Jump On It

-The Rant-
Typical, typical, typical! One of my New Year's resolutions is...you guessed it...to WORK OUT MORE! I must say that working out has been a resolution of mine for the past ten years, and somehow I never follow through! (Imagine that.)

I love being active, breaking a sweat, and I LOVE playing sports...so what's the problem? All of my life I have had scheduled "work outs" whether it was going to volleyball practice, playing tennis, or running around with my friends. Now that I do not have sorority intramurals to keep me active, I am finding it so hard to get my butt to the gym!

I hate the gym. I hate being there. I hate the treadmill. It is BORING! The only way I am going to stay on a treadmill for more than ten minutes is if I am watching Gossip Girl. So, I have decided to finally do something about it! I got a jump rope!

-The Plan-
So far I have loved jump roping for cardio and it is a lot harder than you may think! To keep my motivation going I have researched some fun and challenging jump rope workouts. Since I have found a lot of them, I will just include links for you to check them out on your own!

-The Equipment-
From my expert research I have learned that you should invest in a jump rope that has ball bearings and is the right length for you. Visit this site to find out how long your jump rope needs to be. (Yes, there actually is a JumpRope.com....)
My roommate has this one at it is great! (And pink...)

This is the jump rope that I have. I got it at TJMaxx for $7!!! I suggest heading down to your local TJ Maxx, they had a TON of jump ropes!

-The Ensemble-
When you look great, you feel great. When you feel great, it is much easier to work out! Now who wouldn't want to get their sweat on in this Nike get up???

-The Tunes-
If you would rather listen to music while you workout instead of watching TV, here is my workout playlist!

1. Patron Tequila-Paradiso Girls ft. Lil Jon
2. Black Shades-Brisco
3. Check Yes Juliet-We The Kings
4. Party in the U.S.A.-Miley Cyrus
5. Dance Inside-All American Rejects
6. My Humps-Black Eyed Peas
7. Walk it Out-DJ Unk
8. Bad Romance-Lady Gaga
9. Alligator Pie (Cockadile)-Dave Matthews Band
10. Don't Trust Me-3OH!3

Good luck with your resolutions!

Through Pink Colored Glasses,

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  1. I freaked out a little when I saw your title picture! haha But jump rope sounds like it would be good cardio. We used to do it in P.E. all the time! (Wish I had the same energy as I did then) And I lovvvvve your playlist. Lady Gaga's bad romance always gets me in a "going" mood!