Again, A New Look!

After a couple more hours of Photoshopping I have changed the look of TPCG again! Our living room TV blew out today and so I used that as an excuse to waste hours on Photoshop! Last night I couldn't sleep and was staring at a new photo album that I had recently purchased. The "clover" print on my new album is one of my favorite patterns and I knew I had to make it my background. (And my mom told me that the new background I had created was ugly. Thanks mom.) So, I took a picture of the cover, altered it on Photoshop, and VOILA! A new look to my blog. This is way more "me" and I am really happy with it! (For the time being...)

I hope everyone likes the new NEW changes. Now that I have opened up this can of worms there may be no stopping me. Expect lots of changes coming soon!
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