This is Not a Joke


In the middle of a hopeless search for a Brita water filter in a Super Wal-Mart the size of Cowboys Stadium, I happened to find myself in...dare I say...the clothing section.  I am a sucker for anything soft, slouchy, and pocket-bearing and happened upon just that.  I hesitantly reached for the tag.  Eight.  Dollars.  I was intrigued.

The soft tee I found (and purchased, no judging) is actually from the line Miley Cyrus designed in partnership with BCBG mastermind, Max Azria.  Though there were some pieces surrounding my diamond-in-the-rough-pocket-tee that left much to be desired, the line includes other brow-furrowing surprise gems.  Here is a look I created around my new favorite tee that I plan on purchasing in every color.  (Again, no judging.)  Way to go Wally World.  Way.  To.  Go.
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  1. You are hilarious and I can't lie I secretly bought a dress at the big W and love it!