Spotted: Gossip Worthy Looks

This season's Gossip Girl is as drama-filled and fashion packed as the backstage of any top runway show.  I always look to the trendtastic Upper East Siders for outfit inspiration and this season is no exception.  This week's episode was chock full of the boho-meets-rocker-meets-prep-meets-indie looks that we have come to know and love as Gossip worthy fashion.  To celebrate all things Serena and Blair, I have created a slew of "It Girl" looks that are sure to get you spotted.  Each look incorporates handbags and shoes from the celebrity coveted line, Be & D.  This week's episode of Gossip Girl featured seven of the line's hottest handbags.  I discovered this phenomenal line through a giveaway with The Purse Blog.  I was not the winner of their spectacular studded wallet so I will simply admire it from afar...sigh.

Get spotted with these Gossip worthy looks!

{The Serena}
Miss Van der Wootsen is best known for her plunging necklines and beatnik chic style.  Serena even brings the sexy to the most conservative of prep school uniforms.  Wavy, beach blown locks are her sleek chignons for this Gossip Girl.

{The Blair}
Bows, closed-toes, and no-show modest ensembles are the trademarks of this Gossip Girl.  Blair gravitates toward the prim and proper...even if her attitude proves otherwise.  Since Miss Waldorf is the offspring of fashion mogul Eleanor Waldorf, couture runs through her veins.

{The Vanessa}
Label lust does not plague Dan Humphrey's BFF (and current flavor of the week).  Vanessa pairs thrifty second-hand finds with ornate conversation piece jewels to create a unique coffee house chic look.  If you are planning on hitting up the open-mic poetry night at your local bookstore, this Gossip Girl's look is for you.

{The Jenny}
Little J has transformed from a loft-dwelling Blair wannabe to a trend setting, fashion designing debutante.  Her edgy style juxtaposes feminine touches with hard rock fashion influences.  This season, Jenny Humphrey continues to impress Eleanor with her design savvy and contemporary perspective.  

XOXO Gossip Girls!
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  1. Love this post :) I deinitely look to these Upper East Siders for fashion advice. I'm always looking forward to Monday nights to see what they will be wearing next.

  2. Ugh. I soooo miss Blair's headbands! I haven't seen her wear one in forever!