All I Want for Christmas

It's that time of the year for giving and getting. I normally obsess all November about what I want for Christmas and this year I had a little bit harder time deciding exactly what I want! (Oh, the horror, I know.) So, here are some gifts am adoring right now!

I can not BELIEVE this is even real. I have been obsessing over Nicole's House of Harlow jewelry line forever. One problem, the necklace that I wanted was about $300. She now makes the EXACT same necklace for Bebe! After I found out about the Bebe version I looked up exactly how much the House of Harlow necklace was. To my surprise, the lowered the price of the original one!

I swear I had these when I was about five years old but fashion is cyclical people! I think these are perfect for the holiday season and would keep you warm and toasty!

Just, BEAUTIFUL! Perfect for a fashionista of any age!

These little guys are SUPER popular as of recently because bloggers have been using them to create content. My camera takes video but this is is way more hip! They are also all over Amazon and other sites for way cheaper! These are perfect for any age, pretty sure a three year old could work one. They even make an underwater case to shoot your own version of Finding Nemo.

Cute and versatile flat! I could wear these puppies in ANY color!

I have simply held out long enough. I can't deny the fact that I want one of these! Hello, it is a blanket with SLEEVES. To you it might just be a backwards bathrobe, to me, it is awesome.

What gifts do you want to give/receive this year!?!?

Through Pink Colored Glasses,

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