The Good, The Bad, and the Emmy's

Hopefully everyone had the chance to catch the fashion that rocked (and rolled) the Emmy's. I had midterms last week (hence the lack of blogging) and am SO thankful that they are OVER! Hopefully I did well, cross your fingers! So, in the effort of being scholastically responsible, this will be my first blog post in a WEEK! It feels like it has been a YEAR! Hopefully my sarcastic musings were sorely missed by everyone.

I have to admit that I mainly only watched the pre-show and flipped back and forth to witness ensemble changes. I mean, contrived poorly scripted "witty" banter between actors and actresses who can somehow garner millions in audience members but can't spit out a one minute monologue and open an envelope is somehow less appealing than memorizing the phone book. BUT, you don't have to watch the show in its entirety to see the fashion hits and misses that graced this year's Emmy's.

Here's my take on what went down.

The Good
Blake Lively
Needless to say S rocked it in this red hot Versace gown. Also needless to say Ryan Seacrest needed an extra strong Brawny to wipe up his drool after their interview. Obviously sister can't go wrong with that body! I could do without the Paris Hilton faux pony but hey, just sayin.

January Jones
I love her. The geometric pattern of this Versace dress perfectly complements her simplistic look. I like to think if someone like Katy Perry were to wear this everyone would be like "Oh yuck, there she is trying to be DIFFERENT!" But since it was the beautiful and graceful January Jones, it just works. Then again, she could have rocked that ensemble to her right if she really wanted to be a 10.

Kristin Chenoweth
How precious is she!? Homegirl has to be about 85 lbs and 4'5" and she looked phenomenal at the Emmy's. I wouldn't be surprised if her blood is made of bubbles and sunshine. I am normally not so big of a fan of the short dress to an event like the Emmy's but I really think that she looked great.

Drew Barrymore
OK OK OK. I will admit it. I usually DO NOT like what Drew wears. But she really looked great! Not too much of a fan of the red lip paired with the ballet slipper pink but I am glad she is movin' on up. Even if it has taken her 35 years in the limelight to get a decent stylist.

The Bad
Hayden Panetierre
Ok girl. Since I unfortunately wasted my life reading gossip sites and mags I am aware of the train wreck that is Hayden's mother. BUT, that is not an excuse to dress like an old crazy lady. This is the ultimate no no for age appropriate dressing. TOO MUCH!

Sarah Silverman
Maybe this dress was a joke. Well, if it was, then it is the funniest joke Sarah Silverman has ever made. Sarah, your hips are throwing up blue fabric. Bad bad bad.

Karina Smirnoff
If this dress isn't TERRIBLE her makeup is. Just because you are a dancer on "Dancing with the Stars" doesn't mean you need to look like you are about to compete in a cheerleading competition. Maybe her makeup artist was drinkin' too much Smirnoff putting on that foundation.

Leighton Meester
Dear B, I love you. But it looks like you may have crafted your sleeves from a Carnival Cruise Line towel animal.

Padma Lakshmi
Holly Hobby at its WORST. That is all I have to say.

PS I took all these pics (besides the towel monkey if that was not obvious) from so don't sue me.

Through Pink Colored Glasses,

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