Let's get our THANKFUL on! Day Two.

I am thankful to attend the GREATEST UNIVERSITY IN THE WORLD!!!!!!! Daaa nuhh nuhh nuhhh nuhhhh....GO GATORS! (Hopefully y'all can hear the horns playing while reading my poor excuse for onomatopoeia....ooo and I spelled that right the first try, woop woop.)

I graduated from UF last Spring and will be graduating again from graduate school in May. I am also so lucky to have grown up in Gainesville. While gettin' my thankful on I thought that I had to mention how much I love The University of Florida. I really can't imagine going anywhere else! I can NOT wait for the Gators to demolish the Noles on Saturday. They are going to be destroyed like Thanksgiving dinner.

Here are some pictures that really have no rhyme or reason except the fact that they have to do with UF and, well, me.

How are YOU gettin' your thankful on today!?!?!?!

Perched atop the Bull Gator


My Momma and I at Gator Basketball game, check my mom's perm! haha

National Championships with awesome friends!

The best mascot of ALL TIME.

If you are a Gator fan and haven't seen this video, you have not lived. Prepare to get chills.


Through Pink Colored Glasses,

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