Jet Setting


{First night in Vegas...Enjoying the Santa Monica Sun...Lobby of The Venetian}

If you have been wondering where I have been post-cleanse failure, I have been jet setting around the US with some of my best friends.  Since the obvious post-cleanse destination is Las Vegas, I took a three day trip to Sin City followed by a week in LA.  I had a fabulous time full of the perfect blend of first class accommodations and sleeping two-deep with my 6 foot friend on an air mattress in my friend's living room.  (Side Note:  Said living room looked like a scene from "Hoarders" by the end of the week.  Too bad our suite at The Venetian did too.)

{Voyeur in LA...Outside at beautiful SkyBar...At the W Hotel Hollywood}

After a long night of learning to play blackjack, I awoke the next morning to a copious amount of casino chips in my clutch.  (Must clarify that they were casino chips because it would not be that unreasonable for me to find potato chips in my purse...snacks, of course.)  Naturally, I obliged the Las Vegas Gods and spent my winnings on a plethora of clothes, shoes, and accessories during my trip to Los Angeles.  (It just wouldn't seem right to save my gambling winnings or do something silly like "saving for the future."  Sheesh.)  Here are some of my favorite ensembles of my trip.  Some old pieces, some new, some borrowed,  (Okay, I had to say that.  Apologies.)  I will be posting about some of my outfits in detail this week, so many things that I am so loving right now!
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