Bloggie Friends

{Neekoh, Mel, and Me at Cha Cha Chicken}

While I was in LA I had the pleasure of meeting two fabulous fashionistas, Mel from Wrecked Stellar and Neekoh from LiveLoveLA.  They both have amazing style and wonderful personalities to match!  We had a yummy lunch at Cha Cha Chicken in Santa Monica and had a great time!  Thanks girls for not thinking I am a creepy internet weirdo.  Love y'all!  Check out their blogs for an epic dose of fashion inspiration.  I wore a one shoulder white dress from a local boutique, a vintage belt, vintage gold bracelet, and a gold tassel bracelet from Banana Republic.  Can't wait for more blogger friend meet-ups!
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  1. You look adorable! Will check out their blogs!

  2. Love your outfit! I'm from Florida too! I'll be visiting Jacksonville/Gainesville at the end of June!

  3. Yayyy!! Cute photo!! I'm glad you liked Cha Cha :) xoxo, Mel