So Loving it Right Now

Since it has been a while, I shall make another installment of "So Loving it Right Now". Despite my current chicken-with-my-head-cut-off-ing (which should now answer your question to the above photo) I have been so loving a lot of different things. This past week has been INSANE, hence the lack of blogging, mainly due to me going to career fairs and researching potential careers. I mean, where is the job posting for professional bloggers? fashionistas? celebrities? future tennis playing moms?

Ok well really. If anyone can think of something I A) Might be good at B) You know someone with a great job for me and C) Want to hire me for 100K as your personal fashion consultant and/or decorator then hey, I wouldn't mind. No really, I wouldn't. Please and thank you.

Enough about me, let's talk about things I like and don't like. Which I guess in some degree are about me.

So Loving it Right Now

1. Really cool history stuff (Ok stuff is the best word to describe it, apologies.)
Now this So Loving it spans a couple different topics but overall, all these sites/things are really cool. Coming from a person who slept through history class in school and avoided taking it in college, these things are pretty awesome. It is not that I do not like history, don't get me wrong, I LOVE history. It is just a matter of liking history when it is all encompassing, including music, pop culture, fashion, and politics...all in one. So offer me a class in that and I will register.

Awesome, very cool video footage of Anne Frank
This is a video that has been released via YouTube in honor of the launch of their Anne Frank Channel. These are the only video images as of this time of Anne Frank and, in my opinion, that is pretty cool. If you want to find out more about this check it out here.

Hip website incorporating fashion and history as one
ACL is not just something to tear anymore. This website is awesome. Granted it is written by a guy and has little to no reference to women's fashion (gasp) it is still interesting, relevant, and informative. I am a big fan. I especially liked his post on patents. I guess that is dorky to the Nth degree but it really got me thinking about everything else that was patented in America, especially those LL Bean boots. If you love America and American fashion, business, and supporting the aforementioned, then you will like this site.

2. Useful and Informative Website
I must say that I either am growing up, or I have little to no desire to ever visit Perez Hilton's site anymore due to the fact that he is an ultimate hack. What a winer. Blogging is all about authenticity and he doesn't even write his own blog anymore. I can't stand when people abandon what made them work in the first place to make MOMENTARY cash flow. (Just realized monetary and momentary are very similar words, coincidence? I think not.) Ok enough ranting about something that I could go on about for hours, I LOVE Life Hacker. I literally visit this site EVERY day and have never once not found something I didn't find relevant to my life. (How about those triple negatives in a sentence btw.) You can find advice, tips, tutorials, articles, EVERYTHING about everything you would ever want to know. If I were to sum up this site I would say it is USEFUL!

So Not Loving it Right Now

1. Kandi Burruss' of Real Housewives of Atlanta: Ex-Finance AJ Jewell killed in Atlanta Bar Brawl
Violence is never the answer people. This is very sad news and my prayers go out to their family and friends. I am an avid watcher of all the RH series and Kandi actually happened to be one of my favorite people on any of the seasons. Allegedly her fiancee passed away in the hospital Friday night due to his injuries from a brawl at Atlanta club Body Tap. How terrible. Details are still developing, one can only hope that this isn't true.

2. I would have a number two but since I just stated something very sad and terrible I will forego this number and appreciate all that I have been blessed with! Count your blessings friends and be safe!

Through Pink Colored Glasses,

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  1. I sad is that about AJ?! Love that picture of the chicken! HA!! Good luck on the job front! = )