No Shame in Fakin' It

Since we all can't look like Beyonce naturally, we are forced to invest sometimes upwards of hundreds of dollars on getting there. I think Beyonce has be most beautiful skin color ever! Even though I am Italian, I still am nowhere near as tan as I would like to be! I have been obsessed with fake tanning since I was in middle school, and often caught a lot of slack for my shoddy application skills. BUT, who cares! I have been a slave to the tanning bed in the past and am simply too busy and smart to do that anymore! I am over increasing my chances of getting skin cancer, get claustrophobic in those beds, and hate finding the time to go to the salon! UGH! Getting my roots done every 6 weeks is enough for me to handle!

Thankfully tanning has come A LONG way since 1999 when I used to pick from a selection of three self tanners at CVS. Here is my favorite, Salon Bronze, and some tips and tricks for application! If you guys like this list, I will make a more complete list of everything else I use to fake my bronze! If you have any questions, ask!
Sally Beauty Supply
$12.99 for the starter set
$8.99 for replacement canisters

THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE EVER. I have been using this as my method of tanning for several years now. While there is a bit of a learning curve on application, I highly suggest it as a low cost alternative to traditional tanning. You simply purchase the original set once (which comes with one canister) and then purchase the replacement canisters when the original one is empty. I usually get about 1.5 tans out of each canister (but since I am a bit of an addict and do multiple coats, you may get more!) Here is what I usually do to get the best results. Feel free to laugh at what I do but I promise that it works!

-Wear socks with washable flip flops, whatever clothes you like (won't stain clothes/sheets)
-Make sure you shave before but allow for about 12 hours to pass so that you don't get the tanner in your open pores, if you don't wait it will look like you have little brown dots everywhere!
-Wash your body off to get off any oils, etc and scrub off excess dead skin
-Do the process in your shower with the curtain closed for easy cleaning
-Put lotion on your palms and in between fingers before (You don't need a ton!)
-Be prepared with rubber cosmetic wedges and paper towels
-When you do your face, simply spray the cosmetic wedge with the liquid and apply like concealer, make sure you get it in to your hairline a bit or you will look like you are wearing a mask! Apply less on your nose as your pores will absorb more there!
-When you spray your body, make sure you are about 10 inches away, use slow and even strokes, and follow with the cosmetic wedge/paper towel to smooth excess or dripping
-I usually will pat with a paper towel to remove excess and I will also wet the paper towel a little to rub in the tanner around my elbows, wrists, ankles, and armpits
-Do one complete coat and allow to dry some before you start on another (Don't you love how I say coat? Like I am painting a house or something?!?)
-I usually allow the tan to soak in for at least a day, the solution has bronzer in it so that you can see where it goes and you will look bronze immediately!
-Once you are done, take your goofy old man look off (socks with your sandals) and do your feet like you did your face! Only use very little on your toes, you can always apply more later! I also do the tops of my hands like this as well
-Wash your hands thoroughly after you are done! You can put on makeup over it too!
-I usually wear black clothes after waiting about 15 min to get dressed. BUT I know that it has washed out of everything I have ever gotten it on!

Here is picture of me after I did the Salon Bronze at my friend's wedding, just so you can get an idea of the color! (I cropped my boyfriend out, I knew he wouldn't be too keen on being displayed in a post about spray tans! :) )
Hopefully this will help you all get bronze and beautiful! I know if I could look as good as January Jones and Nicole Kidman with pale skin, I would do it in a heartbeat! But since I can't, I fake it! Good luck everyone!

Through Pink Colored Glasses,


  1. OH MY GOSH. Love this! I am buying one right now online. I am sooo pale even in the summer and I'm sick of my other options! How often do you do this?

  2. OMG girl!! Thanks so much!! I am heading to sally's tomorrow!!! You look great, I can't wait to try it out! thanks again!! xoxo

  3. Awesome, you're my idol. I am going to try this and I hope I look as good as you. I expect the first couple times I am going to look like an orange freak!